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Do You Have Information about Kickbacks to Medicaid Health Providers?

Individual state Anti-Kickback statutes are violated when a Medical provider (dentist, physician, mental health provider) or Medical facility (hospital, clinic, pharmacy, nursing home, home care agency, medical transportation company, durable medical equipment company, pharmaceutical company) that bills Medicaid, provides financial or other incentives in return for patient referrals.

The underlying concept is that medical professionals should make decisions based on what is best for the patient rather than how much money they can get from a provider.

These kickbacks are illegal when made to a healthcare professional or company that bills Medicaid for services provided to Medicaid patients.

You might be eligible to receive a cash reward if your information leads to a recovery by the state in a settlement or lawsuit.

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Common Anti-Kickback Violations in Medicaid Scenarios

The False Claims Act Anti-Kickback Statute is a federal law making it illegal to offer, pay, solicit, or receive “remuneration” in exchange for referring a patient or furnishing or arranging for a healthcare good or service billed under Medicaid.

Kickbacks are not limited to cash. They often include various items of value including free supplies, gifts, bribes, credit arrangements, discounted leased space, discounted supplies, rebates, or forgiven loan payments.

Several examples of common anti-kickback violations include:

  • Durable medical equipment manufacturers paying incentives to medical providers or staff members to prescribe products to Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • Ambulance companies providing taxi transport services for ambulatory patients in return for hospital patient referrals.
  • Diagnostic laboratories providing discounted or free tests to hospitals or clinics in return for specimen referrals.

Your State Pays Cash Rewards to People who Report Illegal Kickbacks that Harm Medicaid

There is a provision in state False Claims Acts called a “qui tam” or “whistleblower” section that calls for cash awards of from fifteen to thirty percent of all money recovered by the state to whistleblowers who are the first to report illegal kickbacks and have evidence to help with a Medicaid fraud case.

You are also protected from losing your job by anti-retaliation provisions of the State False Claims Act in your state that makes it illegal to fire or demote an employee for reporting illegal healthcare kickbacks, i.e. healthcare fraud, in a Medicaid scenario.

File your Medicaid fraud report today to protect your first in line position as a whistleblower.

Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 888.742.7248 or Report Online
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3 Easy Steps to Help you Decide Whether You Should Report Medicaid Fraud

Is your state one of the thirty states covered by the False Claims Act?

You May Be Entitled to a Large Cash Award for Reporting Fraud

Step 2: See if your state, from the list below, has a False Claims Act where whistleblowers can report Medicaid fraud and receive an award. If yes call us or send the Online Form to make your report.

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Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 888.742.7248 or Report Online
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