Do You Have Evidence of Ambulance Medical Transport or EMS Fraud?

When Ambulance medical transport or EMS companies cheat Medicaid, state False Claims Acts are violated. This type of Medicaid fraud occurs when a Medical facility (hospital, clinic, pharmacy, nursing home, home care agency, medical transportation company) submits a claim to Medicaid for ambulance or EMS transportation or medical services that are not provided, are overbilled, are medically unnecessary or violate Anti-Kickback statutes.

Tipsters who report Emergency Medical Services or Ambulance Transport Fraud can earn cash rewards under their state False Claims Act.

Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 888.742.7248 or Report Online
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Medicaid Patient Ambulance Transport or EMS Fraud Violate False Claims Acts

People with information or evidence regarding fraudulent ambulance transportation or emergency medical service billings, could be entitled to cash rewards for reporting Medicaid fraud. Typical ambulance and EMS scams that Medical providers use to defraud state Medicaid programs include:

  • Billing for services not provided: Billing Medicaid for transportation services, treatment procedures or life support procedures that were never provided.
  • Regulatory or licensing violations: Billing for routine transportation services without a valid Physician Certification Statement (PCS).
  • Fraudulent documentation: Misrepresenting transportation mileage, dates, trip origin or destination on trip documentation.
  • Overbilling: Billing for full service ambulance transportation when transport was provided by other, lesser equipped vehicles (medical assistance van, ambulance) or billing for advanced life support services while supplying only basic life support services. Billing for individual transports for each member of a group when the group was transported in one trip.
  • Billing for medically unnecessary services: Transporting patients to treatment centers when the passenger is able to be transported via public transportation, taxi or personal vehicle.
  • Anti-kickback violations: Providing discounts or gifts to medical institutions or medical providers in exchange for transportation referrals.

Whistleblowers Reporting Ambulance or EMS Fraud are Eligible for Cash Rewards

All state False Claims Acts include whistleblower provisions offering cash awards of fifteen to thirty percent of monies recovered for people who were the first to report fraud with information or evidence to help the authorities build Medicaid EMS or Ambulance fraud cases.

Whistleblowers are protected from losing their job as all state False Claims Acts make it illegal to fire, demote or harass employees who report fraud. The penalties are substantial for a company that retaliates against an employee for reporting Medicaid fraud.

Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 888.742.7248 or Report Online
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3 Easy Steps to Help you Decide Whether You Should Report Medicaid Fraud

Is your state one of the thirty states covered by the False Claims Act?

You May Be Entitled to a Large Cash Award for Reporting Fraud

Step 2: See if your state, from the list below, has a False Claims Act where whistleblowers can report Medicaid fraud and receive an award. If yes call us or send the Online Form to make your report.

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Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 888.742.7248 or Report Online
and claim reward